2021-2022 NJIT Venture Fellowship

Every year, 1-2 exceptional business students will be selected as Venture Fellows. The Venture Fellows will support the Fund with a variety of activities, including sourcing startups, conducting due diligence, and other operating tasks based on experience.

The Commitment

Fellows will work with the fund operating team, Chelsea Samuelson and Will Lutz from NJII’s Entrepreneurship Division. Each fellow is expected to commit 3-5 hours per week to the Fund over the course of the school year.

Fellow Funding

The fellowship is generously supported by a gift from Paul Profeta, which will provide a small stipend and scholarship for the Venture Fellows after work is completed - pending approval from the MTSM Profeta Selection Committee.

key dates

Applications will be open through 10/1/21.

Fellows Selected by 10/15/21.

Fellowship will run from 10/15/21 - 06/01/21.